Aftercare- Piercings Below the Neck
Suggested Cleaning Products
Cleaning Instructions
What is Normal
Things to Avoid
Helpful Hints
Medicated liquid antimicrobial/germicidal soap, such as Provon is strongly suggested,
available at Mystical Body. Antibacterial soaps that are color and fragrant free may work, but
are not as effective, and considered inferior. Scented and colored soaps should be avoided.
Never use alcohol or peroxide to clean piercings.
An alternative to cleaning solutions can be Non-iodized sea salt soaks (1/4 teaspoon
dissolved in 8 ounces of warm distilled water). The sea salt MUST be measured if this
alternative is to be used.
1) Wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water before touching your
piercing. This is very important to avoid most infections.
2) Soak piercing with warm water...and then WAIT!!! It takes several minutes for the water
to soften any dried and crusty matter around piercing and jewelry. Never pick off "crusties"
with fingernails. Never move jewelry with "crusties" on it.
3) Apply small amount of cleaning solution to piercing and jewelry, gently rotating the jewelry
back and forth through the piercing a few times to work the solution into the piercing.
4) Allow solution to remain in contact with the piercing for at least 30 seconds, preferably
one minute.
5) Rinse the piercing thoroughly under warm running water, gently rotating the jewelry back
and forth again to rinse the solution out the piercing. RINSE SOAP OFF COMPLETELY!!!
6) Gently pat dry with a disposable paper product.
7) Check threaded jewelry to be certain ends are tight. Threaded ends tighten in a
clockwise turn.
8) Do not touch until next cleaning time.
9) Clean piercing twice daily during entire initial healing time.
10) Any piercing question or concern, contact Mystical Body immediately.
A whitish-yellowish fluid may secrete from your piercing, which crusts on your jewelry and
the surrounding tissue, this is normal. The fluid indicates a healing piercing. Slight bleeding,
bruising, discoloration, and tenderness are also normal. Typically these symptoms will
subside within the first 1-2 weeks, and may be further minimized if you reduce your intake of
aspirin, alcohol, and caffeine.
DO NOT sleep on piercing.
DO NOT use Q-tips on piercing.
DO NOT remove jewelry at any time during the healing process.
DO NOT use alcohol, peroxide, or Betadine to clean your piercing, they are overly strong
and extremely drying to the tissue, which slows the healing process.
DO NOT apply additional ointments to the piercing, such as Neosporin, Bacitracin, triple
antibiotics, etc., because they prevent oxygen from reaching your piercing and the sticky
residue can collect dirt and germs.
DO NOT touch your fresh piercing with unwashed hands.
DO NOT allow oral contact with your fresh piercing.
DO NOT expose your fresh piercing to hair spray, body spray, perfume, lotions, cosmetics,
oils, etc.
DO NOT expose your fresh piercing to bodies of water, such as a pool, jacuzzi, lake, river,
ocean, etc., unless covered with a waterproof bandage.
DO NOT wear restrictive clothing on your fresh piercing, such as belts, nylons, tight jeans,
elastic waistbands, etc.
DO NOT overclean your fresh piercing. Simply clean twice daily
An anti-inflammatory product, such as Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.), can help reduce
possible swelling and discomfort.
An ice pack wrapped in a disposable paper product and placed over the piercing for 20
minutes can also help reduce possible swelling and discomfort.
Make sure your bedding is clean and changed frequently.
Wear clothes that are clean, comfortable, and made of a breathable fabric in the area of
your fresh piercing.
To aid your body against infection and heal more rapidly, get plenty of rest, reduce your
stress level, and maintain a nutritious diet. Taking a multi-vitamin mineral supplement that
contains zinc and vitamin C may boost your body's healing abilities. Remember, the healthier
you are, the faster your piercing will heal.
Be gentle with genital piercings. Use condoms (without nonoxynol 9), and dental dams for
sexual contact during the healing period, even in monogamous relationships.
A hard plastic vented eyepatch can be used over piercings, such as navel and nipple to help
protect the piercing from contact during sports activities.
If your jewelry must come out for a short period of time, we suggest using a piercing retainer,
available at Mystical Body.
Each body is unique, and healing times can vary greatly, yet with care and patience, your
new piercing can give you a lifetime of pleasure.
Mystical Body is dedicated to professional piercing, so if you have a question or concern,
feel free to ask.
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