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On Christmas Eve 2004 at about 2am, there was an accidental
electrical fire at our Manteca studio. The fire department determined
the start of the fire to be an electrical malfunction inside the A/C unit.
Even though the A/C had not been used in about 3 months, the fire
department stated that since the unit was still plugged in, there was
power to the unit, and that somehow there was a malfunction internally
that sparked the fire.
About a month after the fire, the contractor hired by the insurance
company came in and gutted the store. For the next 5 months, the
store just sat there empty. The contractor that was supposed to do the
repairs stated that they were just waiting for the final approval for the
repair costs.
In the meantime, the building has supposedly been sold to another
person, and then to yet another person.
After waiting over a year with no information or an estimated
completion date, we decided to just concentrate on the Modesto
store. We have not ruled out the possibility of opening a new Manteca
store, however at this point, it would be in another location.

Mystical Body in manteca