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Mystical Body offers the best full-service body piercing, from traditional earlobes to
your most private regions...and everything in between.

Mystical Body also does Micro-Dermal Anchors (a.k.a. Dermals)...These are
single-point piercings that can successfully heal in areas of the body where regular
piercings were never possible.

We remove Dermals that were done elsewhere when they need to come out. Our
removal process minimizes keloiding and scarring.

We also do Surface Piercings, although Microdermals have become a more popular
choice over the years.

We offer stretching (aka Gauges) of healed piercings, with jewelry as large as 2" or
more in stock!!! Any piercing can be stretched (gauged) are not limited to just

Jewelry insertion for old piercings, often considered "closed" by our customers is
another specialty of Mystical Body.

Visit Mystical Body to see what we can do for you.

Mystical Body carries the highest quality jewelry in the industry including:
Internally Threaded Jewelry
ASTM F-136 Certified Implant Grade Titanium (Ti 6AL4V ELI)
ASTM F-138 Certified Implant Grade Surgical Steel (316L, 316LVM)
Niobium, Solid 14k Gold, Solid 18k Gold, Lucite, and Pyrex. We also carry Organics,
such as Buffalo Horn and Bone. Jewelry with gems as well as Genuine Diamonds
are always in stock!!! We have the largest selection of the best jewelry from
manufacturers like
Anatometal and Industrial junk jewelry here.

We go the extra steps to maintain our excellent reputation by ensuring our clients'
safety, performing the most accurate piercings and dermals, along with educating our
clients about all aspects of their piercing experience.

To ensure your safety, we have a Multi-Step sterilizing process:

We disinfect our instruments for a minimum of 10 minutes in a Madacide bath, which
is a hospital level disinfectant. This kills most known viruses and bacteria.

We further clean our instruments with an Ultrasonic for 30 minutes, which transmits
high frequency sound waves through a special liquid. This creates millions of
cavitating bubbles every second. These bubbles implode on every surface to scrub
away any possible microscopic particles.

We seal our instruments in autoclave pouches and Sterilize them in an Autoclave,
which is the same machine hospitals and doctors use to sterilize their instruments.
Our Multi-step sterilizing process kills All known viruses, bacteria, and spores.

We use pre-sterilized and pre-packaged single-use needles for each client and the
needle is disposed into a "Sharp's Container" immediately after a piercing procedure.
Every instrument that is utilized for a piercing is pre-sterilized and pre-packaged in an
autoclave pouch that remains sterile until it is opened, and we open them right in
front of you prior to your piercing.

A common question we get..."Is everything sterile?"
The answer...YES. And we can prove it with the following:

The autoclave pouches have an indicator to show that they were sterilized.

We also place an additional indicator inside each autoclave pouch.

Basic indicators on the pouches are not 100% accurate, so Mystical Body includes
an "
Integrator" in each autoclave load. A black line on the integrator travels from the
left to the right during sterilizing to show that each load has been exposed to the
proper amount of steam, temperature, and pressure to achieve full sterilization.

Finally, Mystical Body participates in the "
Spore Check System". This is a service of
OSHA REVIEW. We run random Spore tests on our least once a
month...and then send the tests to the independent lab to confirm that our autoclaves
are working properly and that everything is sterilized.

We keep documentation of all Spore tests and Integrator tests on file.

Our safety procedures do not end here. We take the extra steps, such as regularly
disinfecting our piercing rooms, jewelry display cases, even our front door, to make
certain that Mystical Body remains the cleanest and safest body piercing shop in the
14g Flower Curve 3/8"
Solid 18k Gold
Mystical Body is a"Piercing Only" Shop
in Modesto
25 Years in the same location!!!
14g Flower Gem Curve barbell 3/8 picture. Mystical Body
Rob Cosgrove
owner Mystical Body
Picture of Rob Cosgrove owner of Mystical Body piercing studio Modesto, CA
Picture of Autoclave with sterilized piercing tools
Picture of Steam sterilizer integrators
Business Hours
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Sundays, Mondays,
and all major holidays
Business Hours

Sundays, Mondays,
and all major holidays